Ericeira – World Surfing Reserve

Ericeira is the first Surfing Reserve in Europe and second in the World, officially recognized in October 2011 by the U.S. organization Save the Waves Coalition, which highlights the excellence of natural features offered for the practice of this sport .

This coastal strip recognized as a World Surfing Reserve is integrated in Mafra – Ericeira, and extends from the beach Empa, situated in the Parish Council of Ericeira till the S. Lorenço Beach, situated in the parish council of St. Isidoro. There we can highlight seven world-class waves within 4 Km : Pedra Branca , Reef , Ribeira d’Ilhas , Cave , Crazy Left , Coxos and S. Lorenço.

The key selection criteria for the recognition of this coastal belt of Mafra as a World Surfing Reserve is the quality and consistency of waves, their importance to surf, environmental characteristics and support the local community, with the goal of ensuring the protection of natural resources and enhance the international recognition of this heritage .

The Atlantic coast of Mafra, in particular the coastal area north of Ericeira , is one of the places in the world that brings together a large number of rare waves of high quality. Over 11Km coast there are 22 waves of different features that allow you to practice Surf with different weather conditions, posing different and varied levels of difficulty requirement waves, enabling surf throughout all year in a temperate climate, with cliffs of unparalleled beauty and the presence of a diversity of marine flora and fauna.

The consecration of Ericeira as WSR obliges to preserve a natural heritage that belongs to all of us.

Ribeira d’Ilhas , the mythical beach where WE SURF is based , is the beach where in October 2011 the symbolic ceremony of consecration of Ericeira as a World Surfing Reserve was held.