Peniche – Capital of the Wave

The city of Peniche , the westernmost of Europe , is located on a peninsula (formerly an island) , located about 80 km north from Lisbon.

Peniche’s natural conditions create perfect waves for practicing surf, regardless of the direction of the swell and wind waves. The other beaches in the county are also great for lovers of these sports.

Peniche has extensive beaches north and south of the peninsula. The north beach extends , surpassing Baleal, with many ” surf spots ” in a span of about 19 ​​miles to Foz do Arelho . The westernmost point of the Peniche Peninsula is the Cape Carvoeiro.

West from Cape Carvoeiro, beyond six miles, lies the archipelago of Berlengas. This archipelago is now a nature reserve where rare species of flora, birds and fish can be found.

To the south, the Supertubes beach (Medão Grande) , is an ex – libris for surfers from all over the world, where take place since 2009 and during the month of October , one of the stages of the biggest event of the WorldTour surf , which certainly will be present the world’s best surfers. At the end of the sandy Supertubes we can find Consolação Beach , our hostel CHILL HILL ​​and its fantastic point breaks of fantastic waves.

Combining the spirit of surfing and the natural conditions of the coast , surfing in Peniche reveals itself increasingly comprehensive and complementary , from initiation to free surf , competition, the tow-in , making even stronger the slogan “Peniche – Capital Wave “.