About us

WE SURF is a surf school owned by the company WE SURF LTD., Established in January 2011 , with several accredited Surf coaches, qualified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, who owns ballot coache, issued by the Institute Portuguese Sports and Youth .

Having started activity based on the mythical beach of Ribeira d’Ilhas, Ericeira, internationally recognized as one of the best surfing spots in Europe, and inserted in an area considered by Save The Waves Coalition, the first World Surfing Reserve Zone Europe, We Surf also develops normally activity on the beaches of Peniche/Consolação/Supertubes as well as on other beaches of Ericeira and Peniche . We are registered in Turismo de Portugal , as a marine tour operators with No. 283/2011, also possessing license Captaincy. In accordance with the law, we have personal accident insurance and civil liability.

The service we provide is based on pedagogical and with environmental concerns, providing moments of leisure and entertainment for parents and children where safety rules are always present. We offer quality services to all who begin the practice of surfing and also which has already started, wishing to improve their technique and improve their performances. The pedagogical model is a generalized student engagement with the natural environment, from weather conditions and aspects, through the knowledge of the sea, security in practice technical material used in lessons, maneuvering and surfing techniques.

We provide all the necessary technical material: surfboards , wetsuits and booties .

In WE SURF we propose an unique and unforgettable experience of maximum engagement with the culture of surfing. The surf is increasingly becoming part of everyone’s life, is good for health and the sooner you start the better. Is closely linked to environmental and ecological values ​​such as the preservation of sea, beach cleaning, and respect for others .

Contact us, come to meet us at WE SURF and became a fan of this sport, which each day has more fans in Portugal and worldwide.